Duck Calls

Our Duck Calls are polycarbonate and come in an assortment of colors for you to choose from.

Each Duck Call comes with an extra reed so you can tune your call.  

Replacement reeds are available in our Duck Call Tune Up Kit.  Includes 5 reeds of .010 thickness, 5 reeds of .014 thickness and one new reed holder, all for $4.95.


Click the items below for details and color selection.


Duck Call - Barrel Only

Polycarbonate Barrels in various colors.

Duck Call - Sound Board

Polycarbonate Sound Boards in various colors.

Duck Call -Standard

Polycarbonate Duck Calls in various colors. Each duck call comes with an extra reed so you can tune your call. 




If you have or like to build Wood Duck Calls, our sound boards can be used with them!

Below are a few examples of custom wood Duck Calls using our sound boards.

We have multiple colors to choose from and can have custom colors made if needed.

These are samples created by local artisan Danny Watson.

You can also mix and match colors for your own custom call.